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When will the new Directory book be distributed?

February 2019.


How will the new Directory book be distributed?

Collection will be available from Australia Post.


What will be different about the new Directory?

The alphabetical Directory will contain business and residential listings, so it is easy to find contact details if the user already knows the name of the business. There will still be a business directory section, but businesses buying advertisements will also have a listing included in the same category. Also, the new directory will be published online from 2019, with added functionalities, added community connections and linking, and more local information and editorial content. It will be a truly Broome book rather than a generic directory.


Can I use my ad from last year?

We are encouraging advertisers to re-use their ads. We are hoping to have access to the artwork for these shortly.


What if I don't have my ad from last year?

We can re-create it for you for a graphic design fee. This will depend on the size and complexity of your artwork, but will start at around $200. The Love Broome Directory will keep your artwork on file, and provide you with a full copy if you wish for use elsewhere.


How safe is my information?

All billing information is protected under usual digital protocol measures.  Listing information should only be submitted if it's intended to be made public.  Prior to publication, the Love Broome Directory will conduct security checks to ensure identification of the listee.


Can I choose what information I have listed in the Directory?

The only information published in the Love Broome Directory will be that which has been submitted for this edition.  All information published is at the discretion of the listee.


Is there an age limit to publishing contact details?

The Love Broome Directory requires guardian permission for any listee details under 18 years of age.


How do I list in the new Directory?

1. Fill out the e-form online.

2. Download and fill out the paper form in person

3. On the website there is an option for making a face to face appointment with a Directory representative.

4. Email us at directory@broomechamber.com.au.


What are the costs of advertising in the new Directory?

A-Z listings are FREE for residents, businesses, clubs, departments and other organisations.

Business listing and advertising costs are as follows:

Category listing:  $50 per category

1/8 page advertisement: $510

1/4 page advertisement: $860

1/2 page advertisement: $1,570

FULL page advertisement: $2,664

BCCI Members are entitled to a 20% discount on all advertising.

How do I become a Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) member?

Visit the Chamber website at www.broomechamber.com.au and go to the MEMBERSHIP tab at the top, and choose the JOIN TODAY! option.


Do I still have to pay for the category if I have purchased an advertisement?

Each advertiser must choose categories to occupy. Placing an advertisement in any category automatically includes a listing in that same category, which references your advertisement. Additional category listings will be charged at the standard listing rate.


When will the digital directory be available? 

The digital directory will be launched shortly after the book is distributed in February 2019.  


Who will be managing the new Directory? 

The Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry will appoint an in-house manager for the Love Broome Directory.  


I wish to contribute to the production of the Love Broome Directory

The Broome Chamber wants to hear from you!  Please contact us at directory@broomechamber.com.auand let us know the product or service you can provide.

I have some ideas about what should be included in the Love Broome Directory

Please contact us at directory@broomechamber.com.au and let us know your thoughts on inclusions.

How will the Broome community benefit from this printed directory and new website?

Community organisations, clubs and service entities will be able to add information about them and/or their activities in the Love Broome directory. It will also be possible to link their listing on the Love Broome website to their own website, making it an easy and smooth process for the local community to find more detailed information about them, their membership and their activities. The Love Broome Directory financial model estimates that at least $200,000 worth of additional promotional value will be given to local organisations as a result of the publication’s return to Broome.

How will the Love Broome Directory contribute to economic growth and sustainability?

This printed publication remains a vital source of customer enquiry for small and medium sized Broome based business entities. With many of Broome’s businesses still not integrated into online activity, the book will be useful for some time yet. The BCCI is building the website version of the directory at the same time as the printed book, and will work with local businesses to assist with a comfortable full transition to online communication.

The Love Broome Directory will also feature information required by businesses wishing to expand into the Broome market, tourists wishing to access more Broome experiences and interesting and interpretive information about Broome for new and prospective local residents.