Pecha Kucha Volume 11 - So Broome


EVENT CANCELLED What makes this community #SoBroome What makes this town unique? Why do we choose to live here? What do we love about this spot? Idea prompts: - Town mascot called Sammy the Dragon who goes to sleep and gets woken up for Shinju Matsuri festival every year - Turquoise water meets pindan cliffs - Biodiversity hotspot (dugong, snubnose dolphin, nesting turtles, migrating shorebirds, whales, crocodiles, snakes in the backyard, brolgas in town, black cockatoos, lyrebirds, pheasant coucals, burrowing crab migration) - Bush tucker (gubinge, boab tea, lemon grass beer, barra, mud crab, oysters, mango ice cream, pearl meat) - Reconciliation in action (Aboriginal population) - Pearls!! - World war II history (flying boat wrecks) - Big tides (flooding Chinatown) - Sunrise and sunset over ocean - Cattle stations bigger than some other countries - Weather (humid, thunder storms, torrential rain, flooding plains) - Business, music, arts, culture, collaborations - The only town in Australia to be exempt from the White Australia Policy - The most unique Chinatown precinct in the world. - Its own unique architectural vernacular - A lack of gutters because they can't cope with the amount of water. - Seasonal markers - Dragonflies etc . - No street letter boxes

When Thu From 20 February, 2020 to
20 February, 2020

06:00 - 09:00
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The Good Cartel

3 Weld St, Broome, Western Australia 6725
Broome 6725