Love Broome Escape

Living in the city is

Slow death in murky tombs-

A seething, writhing madness

That everything consumes.


Escape this maelstrom we must

To keep ourselves still sane-

So, off to Broome on the next flight

Relaxing, peace regain…   


Stepping on hot tarmac

A chrysalis of warm air

Cocoons our weary bodies

And  dissipates our care.


Bathing down at Cable Beach

Flushed with salt sea spray-

With feet warm from the ochred sands                         

As wavelets splash and play.


Quaint bungalows of iron and tin

With corrugated walls-

Relics of Broome’s history

And pearling that enthralls.                            


Broome’s iconic Movie house

Sun Pictures’ outside place-

Here, under stars, in deck chairs

Broome’s atmosphere embrace.


And  Matso’s local brewery

Famous far and wide

For mango beer and chilli-

And ambience, cool, inside.                       


While Cable Beach has Zanders’

With local food replete-

Try barramundi salsa

Cuisine unusual eat!


On the other side of town                            

Old Streeter’s Jetty Pier-

A berth for pearling luggers

With nature boardwalks near.


Below the wooden plank boards

That span the mangroves green-

Scuttling orange hermit crabs

In tuberous suckers seen.


The ochred rouge red rock pools

At Gantheaume Point’s ebb tide-

Where dinosaurs left footprints

In  prehistoric pride.


The sunset sky’s chameleon hues                          

In  fiery tessellation-

The  silhouetted  camels plod

In stately line formation.


The aqueous hues of ocean

The pindan’s rich red sand

Awakens all to Broome Time-

A charming mystic land.                                


So delve into the poetry

Of  Broome in it’s own time-

Where colour, character and chi

Of place and people rhyme.


A  brilliant remote landscape                               

A rhapsody of place-

A sapphire jewelled seascape

Mesmerised by space.


(Copyright-Alison Underwood).

Alison Underwood

15 Forrest Avenue, Bunbury, WA, 6230.

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