A Pearl of a Place to Live

Broome is a destination of choice for families that live and work in the North West, or plan to do so in the future.

Live in fly out, or live in drive out is becoming more than a byline for numbers of Pilbara workers who appreciate the quality of lifestyle Broome offers.

An agreeable climate, the laid-back friendly atmosphere and Broome’s way of life has attracted a blend of Australians from all over this big brown land, and many from overseas - a mix of sea changers, backpackers, families, retirees, artists and millionaires.

Residents enjoy all that Broome has to offer with an abundance of sunlight and warmth all year round. There are many many travellers who were passing through, but never got around to leaving. 

Long term locals celebrate the value of a uniquely multicultural lifestyle in a pristine and colourful environment. Families looking for stability and a future for their children are reassured by the multiple economic sectors present in the town, which create resilience and
ongoing economic opportunities for the small business sector.


Originally founded as a pearling port over 100 years ago, Broome has been referred to as the world’s Benetton village, enjoying a colourful heritage birthed of native Aboriginal, Malay, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and European cultures – a flamboyantly blended personality which is completely unique.

Today tourism, mining and resources, retail, construction, agriculture, aquaculture and the pastoral industry are helping turn Broome and the Kimberley into one of Western Australia’s fastest growing regional populations.

Getting out of town is easy. Broome’s location on the southern tip of the Dampier Peninsula, nestled between the Indian Ocean’s famous Cable Beach and shoreline of Roebuck Bay gives residents and visitors access to a range of outdoor and offshore coastal experiences.
Perhaps the fact that Broome has no traffic lights, gives a hint of how nice living here can be – ‘rat race’ is not part of the vocabulary up here, but ‘Broome time’ is! A relaxed vibe, colourful lifestyle and vibrant landscape make Broome a mecca for artists, writers and musicians.


Regional communities are often developed and upheld by local families. Broome is no exception, but more unique in the blend of cultures which weave their way through local family generations.

Names like Durack, Streeter, Male, Poelina, Pigram, Fong – have all left and continue to leave visible legacies in Broome. A stroll through Chinatown, or down the wide streets of Old Broome evoke a Colonial feel, with many of the historic and graceful pearling masters’ homes still intact, as if waiting for the return of the original families and their teams of domestic staff.

Broome has an excellent range of commercial, health and community services – doctors and dentists, Broome Regional Hospital, public and private child care facilities, Family Support Services, major denominational Churches, Public Library, Arts and Cultural Centres. Education is well covered with four primary schools, one of the State’s leading independent senior high schools and St Mary’s Catholic School K to Year 12. These are supplemented by a TAFE
college and the Broome campus of Notre Dame University.


The remoteness of this town on the north western corner of a vast continent forges a strong sense of community which pulls together to solve issues which are not experienced in
larger towns or cities.

The social fabric of the town is as diverse as any major regional city in Australia, however without the hustle and bustle, the traffic jams, pollution and noise.

Broome is blessed with strong Aboriginal organisations which are stepping into the new century with confidence, vision and sound strategic planning. Cultural services and the
rebirth of traditional culture, and pride in its heritage provide key learning experiences for residents and visitors alike.

Over 50 clubs offer a wide range of sports and recreational activities from football, cricket and golf to yoga, crafting and motocross. The annual Pearl Festival, Dragon Boat Racing, speciality shows and concerts and The Broome Cup and racing season are eagerly awaited community events each year.

Catering for the arts are private galleries, Kimberley Performing Arts Co-op, Opera Under the Stars, Music Concerts for young and old, exhibitions and speciality events. Broome also has the oldest operating outdoor picture theatre in Australia.


Eco resorts, 5 star hotels, lodges, themed restaurants, tropical plants, white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and magnificent sunsets make you feel as if you are
on holiday every day when you live in Broome.

It’s what’s beyond the boundaries of the town that adds something very special. Camping trips into the Kimberley outback, mud crabbing adventures in remote creek locations, fishing which yields unprecedented and delicious catches, huge tides that wash the coastal beaches and coves clean daily, wet season waterfalls, spectacular sunsets and storms – all combine to make Broome’s lifestyle one of the best in the world.

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